Too Much Wi-Fi?
People often ask us, is there such as thing as too many Wi-Fi repeaters in a home? If the signal isn’t strong enough, they try to plug-in a repeater and then wonder why the signal isn’t improved. The answer, of course, is that yes there is such a thing as too much Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is “polite” as our lead network specialist Jesse likes to say, sometimes to its own detriment. Wi-Fi has certain radio frequency (RF) channels and only one device can talk at the same time on a specific channel (for multiple devices, each gets a “word in” and is spaced so everyone gets a turn). So if you add too many repeaters or your neighbor does, it actually adds confusion to your Wi-Fi network and makes it even slower. The proper solution is to minimize the access points (antennas) but get strong ones to meet the coverage your home needs!