Most Wi-Fi Systems are Installed and Set Up Incorrectly

Today, blazing fast, reliable Wi-Fi is becoming a necessary part of our everyday
lives, whether at home or at work.
Many devices, such as computers and tablets,
smart phones, video-game consoles, wireless surveillance cameras,
digital audio players and “smart home” electronics use Wi-Fi networks to connect
to the internet. However, in the majority of homes we enter, the Wi-Fi network is installed and set up incorrectly, resulting in poor performance and frustrated users. And, that is exactly why Screaming Wi-Fi was started… to end the frustration of slow,
unresponsive networks and provide the kind of high-speed service our customers
need for today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

We are expert in the design and installation of Wi-Fi networks for any type of application—whether personal or business—and we use only professional-grade components that provide fast, reliable and long-lasting service.

Stop screaming at your computer. Contact Us for a free, no-obligation estimate.

The signal from the new Wi-Fi is really great, thank you!
PJ, Lake Ariel

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