Comparison Table

ComparisonBig Box StoreIT ProfessionalScreaming
Understands the needs of the homeowneryesnoyes
Provides commercial or enterprise-grade equipmentnoyesyes
Same installer capable of fishing wires and installing network cablingnonoyes
Single network without multiple routers or extendersnonoyes
Ability to help with other electronic needs (security, audio/video, automation)nonoyes
Quite honestly, they sell consumer-grade networking equipment which isn’t designed for high-performance networks. We believe in doing it right the first time with the right equipment, and our professionals will guide you so your investment exceeds your expectations.
In many ways, homes can be more challenging than a business. Homes use more exotic materials for construction, have various Wi-Fi needs per person (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.), have extremely large amounts of streaming data (4k content, high- definition cameras, etc.), and must be extremely robust so that when a button is pressed on an iPad it works every time. Our technical specialists are comfortable in your home, and ensure that when we leave, you understand how to use your network. We don’t over complicate it, but rather simplify it.
Yes, we will ask you this during our upfront conversations. We have products that provide full coverage of your entire property so your Wi-Fi works when sitting by the pool, reading on the deck or even playing Pandora while cutting the lawn.
Plug-in repeaters and multiple routers actually cause more problems. Each one creates a “sub network” taking more time to hop to the main router. With our system, you have a single Wi-Fi network that allows you to print from your iPad to your wireless printer from any- where on your property. Our Wi-Fi is blazing fast, more reliable and ensures you have a great experience.
Yes, you will still buy high-speed internet from your current cable provider. Our equipment works with their service (any provider), and has on hundreds of installations.

Yes, and we have adapters for high-speed internet over existing coax cables, too. Instead of fishing wires through the walls, this an economical and reliable solution to get the Wi-Fi where it needs to be located for optimum performance.


Absolutely. We can also configure a separate “guest network” for homes with lots of friends visiting to ensure that they don’t hop on your private network.
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